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Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Announces New Tire Sizes in Dunlop Racing Slick Lineup

Dunlop Racing Slick Tires

New for 2019, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires announced the new KR448 110/70 R17 front racing slick and the new KR451 140/70 R17 rear slick in the Dunlop tire racing slick line. Feeding the growing numbers of 300cc racing motorcycles such as the Yamaha YZF-R3, Honda CBR300R, KTM 390 and Kawasaki 300 Ninja, Dunlop Tires is bringing their world beating technology to the smaller cc motorcycles.

The Dunlop front 110/70 R17 racing slick is offered in the supersoft 0129 compound, with the Dunlop 140/70 R17 rear tire offered in the 0129 compound and the proven medium compound 0455. With the new racing tires, Dunlop motorcycle racing looks to dominate the smaller racing classes as they have dominated the middleweight and superbike classes for so many years in the United States.

John Robinson, the Tire Design Engineer behind the project, said,