Dunlop TT93GP PRO Tires



The Dunlop TT93GP Pro mini road racing tires is all new for 2021. Not to be confused with the previous TT93GP, the 12-inch DOT street legal tire fits popular motorcycles such as the Ohvale.

The Dunlop TT93GP Pro was developed at the race track to give superior performance while cornering and breaking with cut breaker construction and additional tire sidewall support. The new tire compound allows for greater lean angles and more cornering speed. The Dunlop TT93GP Pro tire construction and tread design allows greater front end feel while providing quick turn in and excellent bump control.

100/90-12 Front
SKU 45256701
Recommended rim range (2.5-2.75″), Best Rim (2.50″)
Width (102 mm”)(4.02 in”)
Diameter (484 mm”)(19.06 in”)
Maximum Load 408 @ 25 PSI

120/80-12 Rear
SKU 45256703
Recommended rim range (2.5-3.50″), Best Rim (2.75″)
Width (118 mm”)(4.65 in”)
Diameter (498 mm”)(19.61 in”)
Maximum Load 481 @ 25 PSI

Tire Pressure 16-18psi COLD


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