Dunlop Supermoto Front Tire KR106

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Supermoto tire shopping? The Dunlop supermoto front slick tire is designed for the rigors of professional supermoto racing or having fun at your local karting track. Designed with Dunlop’s N-tec technology, the Dunlop KR106 will you the ultimate grip and stability required for getting the maximum out of your sumo.

125/80R420 16.5″ KR106 Front Slick Tire
Made in Japan
Dunlop Tire Compound – Soft

  • Fitment specs Front: 120/80R420 16.5 wheel
  • Recommended rim range (3.50-3.75″), Best Rim (3.50″)
  • Width (122mm/4.80″)
  • Diameter (602mm/23.7″)
  • Suggested hot tire pressures: Hot on the warmers 34-36 psi
  • Suggested cold tire pressures: Cold 30-33 psi

Often paired with the Dunlop USA N-TEC Slick Rear Tire KR451 -165/55R17

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 23.7 × 23.7 × 4.8 in



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