Does MotorcycleRaceTires offer tire discounts for bulk orders?

Tire discounts for bulk orders? would be happy to assist you with any of your Dunlop motorcycle tire bulk orders. We’re confident we can make you satisfied with your order with a tire discount. Please contact us below or give us a call for details.

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How should I store Dunlop tires?

Storing your dunlop race tires in a hot environment will not deteriorate your tires.

However dunlop motorcycle tires must be stored in a temperature above 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3 Celsius).

Keep the tires separate from any chemicals or heat sources (such as motors).

How should tire warmers be set with Dunlop tires?

Dunlop Tire Warmer Procedures

Dunlop recommends that tire warmers be set at 158 – 176F (70°-80°C)  for 45 minutes to 1 hour (maximum); tire performance degradation may occur if tires are subjected to repeated tire warming cycles, and/or temperatures/times in excess of these.

Set the hot starting tire pressure directly after removing tire warmers before entering road course

What tire pressure should my Dunlop motorcycle tires be set at?

Dunlop motorcycle tire pressures may vary based upon current track conditions but these are base recommendations:

Download Dunlop Tire Pressure Cheat Sheet PDF

Dunlop Q3+ (D212)

Dunlop 110/70ZR17 (54W)

  • Front Tire Hot 35 Cold 33 (psi)

Dunlop 150/60ZR17 (66W)

  • Rear Tire Hot 26 Cold 24 (psi)

Dunlop Q4 Sportmax Tires
Dunlop Q4 120/70 ZR17 58W Front

  • Suggested hot tire pressures: Hot 34-36 psi
  • Suggested cold tire pressures: Cold 30-32 psi

Dunlop Q4 180/60 ZR17 75W Rear

  • Suggested hot tire pressures: Hot 34-36 psi
  • Suggested cold tire pressures: Cold 28-32 psi

Dunlop Q4 200/55 ZR17 78W Rear

  • Suggested hot tire pressures: Hot 34-36 psi
  • Suggested cold tire pressures: Cold 28-32 psi

Dunlop N-Tec Slicks

Dunlop 110/70R17 Compound 0129 – NEW for 2019!

  • Front tire Hot 34-38 Cold 32-26 (psi)

Dunlop 120/70R17 Compound 2662 / 7455 / 8477

  • Front tire Hot 34-36 Cold 30-32 (psi)

Dunlop 140/70R17 Compound 0129 / 0455 – NEW for 2019!

  • Rear Tire Hot 30-32 Cold 26-28 (psi)

Dunlop 165/55R17 Compound 0197 / 0455

  • Rear Tire Hot 30-32 Cold 26-28 (psi)

Dunlop 180/60R17 Compound 0129 / 0097 / 0585

  • Rear Tire Hot 22-25 Cold 19-22 (psi)

Dunlop 200/55R17 Compound 2662 / 0455 / 7585

  • Rear Tire Hot 22-25 Cold 19-22 (psi)

Dunlop Rain Tires – do not use tire warmers for rain tires

KR189 (WET)
Dunlop 110/70R17

  • Front tire Cold 31-33 (psi)

Dunlop 120/70R17

  • Front Tire Cold 31-35 (psi)

KR389 (WET)
Dunlop 140/65R17

  • Front Tire Cold 31-33 (psi)

KR404 (WET)
Dunlop 185/60R17

  • Rear Tire Cold 30-33 (psi)

Dunlop Daytona Endurance Tire

Dunlop Daytona KR448
Dunlop 120/70R17 DT14 / DT18

  • Front Tire Hot 37 Cold 34 (psi)

Dunlop Daytona KR451
Dunlop 180/60R17 Compound 097D

  • Rear Tire Hot 25 Cold 28 (psi)

Dunlop 200/55R17 Compound DT17

  • Rear Tire Hot 25 Cold 28 (psi)

Dunlop DOT Road Race

Dunlop D211 GPA

Dunlop 120/70ZR17 (58W) Compound 7455

    • Front tire Hot 34-36 Cold 30-32 (psi)

Dunlop 160/60ZR17 (69W) Compound 7455

  • Rear tire Hot 32 Cold 28 (psi)

Dunlop 190/60ZR17 (78W) Compound 7455 / 8477

  • Rear tire Hot 22-25 Cold 18-22 (psi)

Dunlop GPA-Pro

Dunlop 120/70ZR17 (58W) Compound 7455 / 8477

  • Front tire Hot 34-36 Cold 30-32 (psi)

Dunlop 190/60ZR17 (78W) Compound 2662 / 8477 / 7585

  • Rear Tire Hot 22-25 Cold 18-22 (psi)


How many heat cycles can Dunlop motorcycle tires have?

Dunlop motorcycle race tires do not have issues with “heat cycling” that may affect other tire brands.

If Dunlop tires begin to lose grip it is more of issue of a loss of rubber than heat cycling.

New Dunlop tires are their maximum traction level as the level of rubber on the tire is highest. The tires run hottest at this point in the tire’s life. As Dunlop tires lose rubber they begin to run cooler and slowly lose their maximum grip.

Where are Dunlop motorcycle racing tires made?

Dunlop racing tires are designed in their Buffalo, NY headquarters and manufactured in their Buffalo, NY manufacturing facility.

Dunlop is the only manufacturer of motorcycle tires in North America.

Dunlop racing tires are then developed at the highest level of motorcycle racing racing in the United States.

Dunlop also has the only motorcycle tire test facility of its kind in North America called the Huntsville Proving Grounds.

Can Dunlop tires be flipped?

If the Dunlop race tire is marked Bi-Directional (see FAQ above) then that tire may be mounted and used in either direction.

What does Bi-Directional mean?

When Dunlop mentions Bi-Directional is essentially means that those particular Dunlop motorcycle tires can be mounted in any direction. Sometimes this is known as flipping. Some tracks may favor right or left hand corners such as Palm Beach International Raceway or Jennings GP and being able to reverse the tire direction can give riders potentially more options.