Dunlop Sportmax Slick Tires (New)


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Dunlop’s Sportmax Slicks are the latest evolution in the industry leading Dunlop motorcycle racing tires inventory. Replacing the lap record setting KR Series Dunlop Slick Tire, the Sportmax Slicks comes with new profiles with a greater contact patch, new compounds, and construction. The Dunlop Sportmax Slicks use Dunlop’s proprietary compounds and manufacturing techniques such as N-TEC, JLB, and JLT technologies. Made in Dunlop’s Buffalo manufacturing facility, the Sportmax slick is the only motorcycle race tire manufactured in the USA. The Sportmax Slicks is unmatched in performance offered for the track day enthusiast up to the national professional motorcycle racer.

Dunlop Sportmax Slick Tire Pressure Cheat Sheet

2023 Dunlop Sportmax Slick Tire Pressure Guide
R2 – 0197
R3 – 0129
R5 – 0097
R7 – 0455
R8 – 0585


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