Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer Dual Two Temp Tire Warmers

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Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer Line Tire Warmers

Chicken Hawk Racing is proud to introduce the Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer Line of tire warmers. The idea behind the Privateer Line was to bring to the market tire warmers that will perform at the highest level possible without breaking the bank. They feature a back-and-forth heating element pattern that insures even heat distribution across the entire carcass of the tire. The melt-proof Dupont inner liner integrates a special heat sensitive dye that will show any signs of misuse or malfunction. Carbon felt and polyester insulation are used to maximize heat retention in the carcass of the tire while elastic neoprene side panels help block wind. The final top layer is made of extremely durable ballistic nylon that will keep these warmers looking good for many track seasons.

With ever-changing advancement in tire technology, one thing has remained constant – the importance of tire temperature. Tire warmers not only bring your tires up to operating temperature for optimal grip when you hit the track on the first lap, but they also extend the life of your tires, and we all know how much a brand new set of tires can cost. After repeated heat cycles a tire will begin to harden and lose grip, this reaction is known as vulcanization. Keeping your tires warm in-between sessions during the course of a day, means the tires only go through one heat cycle. The less heat cycles you put your tires through the longer they will last.


  • Single Temperature:175°F
  • Dual Temperature: 135°F and 175°F
  • Operating light shows red when heating and green when full temp is reached
  • Can be used with all compound race tires
  • Extends the life of your tires
  • Includes a nylon carry bag
  • Sold in sets of two (front and rear tire)

Note: CHR Tire Warmers are designed for use only with 120v power sources. Tire Warmer sizing is based off of the rear tire. Warmers are generally designed to fit a 120 width front tire, which is the most common among race and sportbikes.

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